Basic Six Bricks Kit For Small Group Learning

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Set developmentally-enhanced challenges through play using this effective kit. Expand on your kit through a learning platform which contains more than a 100 activities to get you started with the Six Bricks methodology. What’s more, these kits meet the quality requirement for child-directed learning and the My Time, Our Place framework.

This set of teacher resources is ideal for working in small groups of children. They are popular with Family Day Care Centres and Out of School Care.

This kit is suitable for groups of up to 5 children.

You receive:

  • 5 sets of the six bricks packs to engage your class in Six Bricks activities
  • 5 sets of diagrammatic, interactive mats so that children can participate in the structured play activities
  • Packs of additional ‘fun’ bricks including people, animals and smaller bricks for imaginative play
  • Grids to build mazes and for story-telling
  • Emotions bricks to build social and emotional skills
  • Other resources to add to your activities to encourage and stimulate children to use a full range of executive function skills
  • Access to our online learning portal to build your knowledge about the methodology + see videos of the activities in action

This teacher resource will provide you with enough activities for the entire year.

What’s more you can scale the activities up or down to suit the developmental level of your group.

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